Netflix for Hearts of Wulin

I just watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and found that House of Flying Daggers is not on Netflix.

What movies should I watch on Netflix to saturate my brain with Hearts of Wulin material?


I don’t know what’s available on Netflix, but I think Lowell said every playbook Move in HoW is a title of a wuxia movie/series. See if you can filter by genre and then look for those.


Lowell wrote this blog post earlier this year:

For Netflix specifically, I believe there are a number of series (Ice Fantasy, Ashes of Love, Eternal Love, The Rise of Phoenixes), but I’m not sure if there are any movies currently available.


14 Blades and Swordmaster were both pretty useful when I was prepping HoW. Do not watch the CTHD sequel made by Netflix. It is so far off the mark…


Not on Netflix :sweat_smile: but what about The Longest Day in Chang’An? that’s a pretty good one I hear.


Tom dont like it, I think, but you can watch Condor Heroes at YouTube.

Edit: Condor Heroes and many Louis Cha novels are strong on “special powers”(Buddha’sPalm, the road stance thing and the ones with wepobs like the dog beating staff or the wudang sword techniques). Also, many cool sects. If you are into computer games, try 9 Dragons

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