Never Knows Best: An RPG Inspired By FLCL

Hello! I’ve just launched a Kickstarter for a game based on FLCL. It’s been a passion project of mine that I’ve been developing for about a year and a half. To be clear, this game is not trying to be FLCL . It’s my effort to create a rule set that would communicate what I felt it was about.

Never Knows Best is about teens struggling to discover their identity while grappling with what it means to " grow up " in a world where society imposes expectations and rules that are counterproductive and, sometimes, absurd.

The rules of this game literalizes this by making the inner turmoil the teens struggle with on a daily basis something real and tangible . Those thoughts and emotions and pressures become strange, absurd creatures ordinary kids wouldn’t be able to combat. But these teenagers transform into their robot selves to take them on, embodying their inner strength.


Ahhh I’ve been dreaming of a game that would capture this sort of absurdist slice of life-y surreal anime genre vibe for awhile now, I’m really excited to see this! ^___^