New Dungeon World 'zine


New to the new forums, hope it is kosher to post about your own products here…if not, delete away.

I just finished my first new 'zine in decades and since it was inspired by the Gauntlet community and Codex, I wanted to let the community know about it. Feel free to ask questions here and I will be happy to respond.


The zine is called MOTiVE, and this first issue begins a four-part journey into a twisted faerie world. The Green-Golden Rade is a fey realm in the form of a road (or rade, horse- path) that can connect any locations. Terrible fey nobles placed the hearts of unrequited lovers in amber stelae as its milestones when it was fashioned by the labors of their enchanted slaves. These beautiful and capricious lords then called the Green-Golden Rade forth to travel into the arms of their lovers, or arrive behind the defenses of their most hated foes. In the beginning the nobles paid the road’s toll with the shame of their servants, the tears of mothers who lost children, or the sanity of mortals tempted onto the road. Now all who pace its ancient cobbles pay their own way. Today the Green-Golden Rade reaches out to the world, yearning for heart-sick, passionate, or desperate travelers.

You can find the first issue at DriveThruRPG.



That’s awesome! Congratulations, Wayne! It seems like a very romantic approach to Dungeon World. What sorts of stuff can one expect to find inside? Monsters? Magic items? Custom move?


Oooh, just bought it and checking it out now. Will let you know what i think. Also, I know @Logan_Howard will be very interested in this - him being the pretty prince of being super nice about DW zines! :slight_smile:


Ha! You know me so well! I am, indeed, super excited! I really like that Wayne wants to take a longer approach and delve deeper into his settings. Reminds me of Wormskin and I love that!


The first issue covers the narrative themes and mechanics of traveling the rade. Essentially, the price for getting off of the rade is blood and passion/regret. When you experience these you are rewarded with Toll - pun/ double entendre intended. You pay the Toll to leave, but the rade has ways of sucking you back in. A GM might use the GGR as an interlude, a recurring thread. A character could also use it as a cool backstory element.

Issue 1 has moves around these procedures, example encounters, a magic item, etc.

Next issue has an encounter and a magic item inspired by my title in the Patreon/Gauntlet Community, btw.