New here - how can I contribute a character keeper?

I’ve made a large update to the existing Cartel character keeper from the Gauntlet g-drive, and would like to share it, how can I go about submitting it to go onto the g-drive?


@Gerrit manages the play aids folder.


That’s great and thank you - what’s the game?
@Gerrit will sort out the process for you.

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Hi @oskel, that is great to hear! Thank you for asking! You can send me the link to the keeper template as a private message (or publicly here, however you prefer). I will then make a copy and put it in the right folder in the Play Aids Folder.

If it is an update, like bugs removed, more recent rules version, I will replace your version with the existing version. If it is an enhancement but maybe also has features which some people will love but others prefer not to have (like automation of calculations, conditional formatting), I put it in as an alternative version.

I would ask you how you like to be cited in the documentation, i.e. under which name you want to be listed as the creator of the play aid.

Sounds good? Feel free to ask away if you have more questions.

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@Gerrit I don’t seem to have the option to send a private message (because I’m so new?), so here is the link:

There’s no automation, and the only conditional formatting is the colour of the stress cell.

I’ve made a column for each playbook, and added all the information from each, and used data validation for most inputs.

You’ll need to save a copy yourself so you have edit permissions to be able to see most of the changes.

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Oh, such a pity! I will directly contact you now. The Forums have quite some fancy trust levels.

What a great keeper! I will add it to the collection.