New Idea for a DftQ opening to Classic Traveller Game

I had a brainwave yesterday, having just finished reading the 3rd of the Classic Traveller little black book rulebooks (Worlds and Adventures). Not sure if this goes in RPG chat or Design, but I’ll trust a mod will know and move as needed.

The high level concept is that everyone is one of the most powerful Psions in the known universe. They were part of the Psionics Institute for many years and are now aged, but have recently defected and tried to retire. But it seems that the Institute has issued a Burn Notice on them. Their mentor on their deathbed tries to warn them. Sort of a cross between Burn Notice, Red (movie), PsiRun, and all open world Traveller sandboxy.

The play experience I’m hoping to get is players being paranoid, but also being forced to act, because the Institute will keep finding them if they go to ground for too long. I also want there to be both camaraderie in the party; but also some tension too - the PCs have known each other their whole lives.

BUT in order to deepen the entire setting and scene, I’m inserting a very Indie game - For the Queen - into this most old school of Sci Fi games.

Please find linked my set up doc, which includes a FtQ type question mini-game. I have in fact copied most of the rules from For The Queen. What is different I highlighted in the doc.

My questions to the group mind:

Does the setup narrative in the cards make sense? I’m second guessing some of the setup and narrative logic now. For example, why would Institute folks come to fetch the PCs to meet Bates, only to have Bates tell them to run? Open to thoughts and suggestions.

I have a bit of concern about the questions that will point the still living PCs at each other. Also concern a bit about players taking agency away from other players. I guess that’s what the X card is for. Is this a legitimate concern?

Thoughts on the tweak to the FtQ rules that allows a player to answer a card already drawn?

I have no idea how the follow up campaign will go with these questions as an initial framing. Has anyone ever done anything like this?