New RPG: Zyborg Commando Resurrection Overdrive

So, I made a weird thing.

I had the wild idea to parody the old OSR-style “Cyborg Commando” game and build a new game that’s set years later when all the commandos are dead - until they crawl from the grave to take revenge and re-fight the war they lost.

I completely reworked the d10x system, made tactics and teamwork a focus, and added all new modern concepts like shadows (inspired by the Mountain Witch), torments, abusing trust, and the Hunger - where you have to make hard choices about fighting or embracing your new craving for human flesh. Humanity and memory is also important, and you lose it when you advance and during the course of the game. I added a brain map that you scribble out your memories on as you lose them, which really helps sell the ongoing decay to the player.

The GM section is heavily inspired by PbtA, and takes up about half of the book. I tried to pull in lots of useful knowledge that would be applicable to any game, and I think it works pretty well as a balancing act between old-school and new-school.

Anyway, please check it out! I’m happy to answer any questions, of course.