New tags needed



Ever want to tag a topic and the tag doesn’t exist yet? Well here’s the topic for you. Link a post here and say what tags you want on it. Or just respond with some ideas for new tags.

If you see a tag here you really like, like that reply! This will help the staff figure out what tags are really desired by the community.


Timezone-based tags, such as GMT, EST, PST etc, would be very useful, especially to set alerts for Hangouts games posted in yr timezone.


Oooohhh… That is super smart. Then you’ll only get notifications for games you likely would be able to play in.


Do we want tags for specific games so that people can search for them even if they are in different topics/categories? E.g., DW, AW, Monsterhearts, etc.


So keep in mind: Once someone gets to TL3 they can create tags. My feeling is that once people get there they will have a good feeling of what should or shouldn’t be tags.

This post is a good place to put out ideas for initial tags, but I think they should be tightly limited. It might make sense to do game-specific tags in the future, but there are likely over a hundred games we play - I’d rather hold off on exploding the tag options like that, especially since it is early days right now.


I like the timezone tags for Hangout games. To make this useful, it would also be good to distinguish weekend vs. weekday. Timezones aren’t as restrictive on weekends.


My concern with week/weekend tags would be that due to timezones they wouldn’t be true for all people everywhere.

I think people being consistent with inserting Date/time into the announcements would be a bigger win.