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Hi! I’m Jeremy (he/him). Over-educated but, due to some pretty severe anxiety-related conditions, underemployed. After flaming out of two careers (academia and law), I’m currently trying my hand at mental health peer support.

I’m not much of a game designer except in my aspirations. (Not even much of a player just at the moment.) But, I admire designers and love to see their minds at work.

I cut my teeth on D&D Rules Cyclopedia and AD&D 2nd edition, back in the early ’90s. Ran a couple of Mage: The Ascension campaigns in uni. Grad school forced me to take a break for a few years, then took up D&D 4e and AW. Currently trying to learn Fate—tough right now as I’m without a group.

I hope I have something to contribute here!


Welcome to the Forums @creases, I’m sure you’ll find this a conducive environment. Check out the Gauntlet Calendar channel if you are looking for a really supportive table culture to play in and the Design channel to see some people discussing their approaches. Enjoy yourself here and keep an eye open for the next Gauntlet Community Open Gaming weekend in the Spring when we encourage people to come and try us out.

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Hi, my name is Johann (he/him).

I ran and played Das Schwarze Auge in the 80s and 90s before discovering, the Forge, Story-Games and now The Gauntlet. Inspired by the OSR, I set out to become a ‘Killer DM’ in 2012, blogging about it here. I occasionally run indie RPGs (e.g. Dust Devils, Ten Candles and Everyone is John last year), but the core of my gaming is the lethal homebrew ‘DCC in the Wilderlands’ campaign I’ve been running since 2014. It’s great to find a place open to diverse forms of gaming.


Hope to see you at the next Gauntlet Open Gaming Weekend on Feb 25 - 28 2021, if not before.

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Hello there!

I’ve been listening to The Gauntlet and Fear of a Black Dragon for years; since I’m in a bit of a gaming rut, I thought I’d check out the community.

I’ve been around DnD and other ttrpgs since the '80s, and mostly DM DnD 5th Edition these days. I have lots of other interests I’d like to explore though! I’m particularly interested in the gaming vibe from Fear of a Black Dragon.


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I notice I never introduced myself to the community. This is a 40+ cis white male speaking, married and father of three, teaching language to immigrant teenagers in the projects.

I DM Play pretend since kindergarten, my elder brother was my first DM with Schwartz Auge and homebrew. Years of play ensued until professional life caught up.
Attracted by Capes, I saw The Forge a bit before its end. Lady Blackbird got me interested in amateur game design. I saw the end of Story Games and migrated from there to here and .

I am working on long term projects like indexing and making a wiki on TTRPGs. I have various rules lite story games with a drop of “take that” in my haversack, and lots of used parts in my metaphorical garage. I am aware ideas are dirt cheap, and making them shine like John Harper does requires work and talent. I am mostly trying to find games that I would like to play. At the moment, my favourite RPG designers are Alex Roberts, Avery Alder, and Jason Morningstar.

I like many things about this place, like posters I feel close to, and those posters older on the forum I appreciate for their lightness of touch and deep generosity.

I could go on for hours…


FYI to other new users on here. When DeReel has time, he provides some of the best rpg critiques for those dabbling in designing new rpg rulesets.

My name is Victor, I am a fortyish writer and game designer from Wyoming. I’m a member on several RPG forums, but this one stood out to me because of its focus on both indie games and OSR games-- matching my own (main) gaming tastes and calming some of my frustrations about these games becoming opposing camps and even political shibboleths.

I got started with AD&D (1e) in 1993 and switched over to 2e and Player’s Option in 1997 and 3.0 and 3.5 at launch… in addition to branching out into numerous other games. I’ve got a general “I’m With D&D” attitude, and my other favorite games are Street Fighter: the Storytelling Game, Barbarians of Lemuria, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, and Dresden Files RPG.

My current official Works in Progress are Shroompunk, an OSR game that reimagines D&D if Appendix N had been all NES and Filmation, and Cascade City, an urban fantasy game that replaces all of the traditional Gothic Horror guts of urban fantasy with wuxia and xianxia guts and planetary romance guts and cyberpunk guts and so many guts, more guts than your body has room for.

Unofficially I’ve been trying to “fix” 3.PF multiclassing for fifteen years and I’m not going to stop until I succeed-- and there are are a few other parts of the system I want to poke at while I’m in there. Probably going to try to run a Spelljammer game with it, if I ever get it presentable.

I submit myself to the judgment of the Gauntlet.


Welcome, @Shroompunk - I’m sure you’ll find us a reasonably tolerant lot.

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Welcome, Victor! I hope you enjoy your time here. :smile:


Good day!

I’d like to introduce myself - my name is Marx Shepherd, an indie tabletop roleplaying game designer for the San Jenaro CoOp and for my own, uhh, design studio, Marx of High Water. You might also have heard my podcast, Yes Indie’d Pod, which is an interview show where I interview creators and other indie TTRPG notables about their games and inspirations and yadda yadda game design. I also organise and take the lead editor role for the indie zine*, which is a quarterly zine showcasing indie TTRPG content from across the scene.

I’m a general indie enthusiast and particularly like the narrative-heavy story game format, with my design leaning more towards the RPG-side of American Freeform, if that works for you (despite being British).

I currently only publish small, weird games through my own studio, with my more fully formed ideas going out through the CoOp’s quarterly publication, the Short Games Digest. In February, I’ll be Kickstarting one of my earlier games, A Loud Noise in a Quiet Place, as part of Zinequest. It’s a small game which explores my experiences of temporary hearing loss, and it’s something of which I’m really proud.

I’m a huge podcaster listener, and I very much enjoyed The Farrier’s Bellows and am listening through +1 Forward at the moment. Not to mention all the non-Gauntlet podcasts in my rotation.

I’m fairly active on Twitter as @IAmPhophos and on various Discord servers like RPG Chat (which is excellent).

Very pleased to make y’alls acquaintances!


Welcome @Marx_Shepherd, good to have you in the community.


Hello Everyone!

I’m James (He/Him) and I just joined this forum. I started my RPG journey in the late 80’s/early 90’s. As a young one, I enjoyed the traditionalist approach to games, but as I get older I tend to lean more indie/story games. I follow the Ryan Macklin philosophy of “Play All of the Games!”

I have been an RPG podcaster since 2010, with my relatively off the radar podcast, 1d4Cast. We started as a system review show and slowly turned into a Topic Discussion show with a few Actual Plays, here and there. These days, we focus on showcasing RPGs in short one shot APs followed by an overall Postmortem Review covering the game system and the experience of playing it.

As of 2013, I started running a small convention in the DC area called 1d4Con, named after the podcast. I run indie games whenever I can find a good time slot or two. COVID-19 stopped us last year. We are planning an on-line event for the Spring of this year as a make-up event.

I’m more active on Discord than Twitter, but you can follow me @amvteknoboy or through my podcast @1d4cast

A lot of Facebook RPG groups point to this forum as a great place to be, so I hope to build some friendships here.


Welcome @1d4cast_James - check out the up-coming Gauntlet Community Open Gaming weekend (25-28Feb;, and if you’re looking for guests for your podcast there are plenty of designers here.



I’m Vicka, aka Nynphaiel, an artist and indie game designer from Argentina. I’ve been part of my local community for over a decade, hosting events and clubs, and mainly focusing on diversity and inclusion.

I am recently new to the designing world, since I only started last year. However, the community has been so kind, that I have already published games on the Short Game Digest from the San Jenaro CoOp and on indie zine, hosted by the very Marx Shepard from a couple of posts above :grin: I also publish games under the name Volvodja Press, and I really enjoy collabs doing editing, art, layout, and even project managing! I also cohost a podcast in Spanish, which is very laid back and we discuss anything that comes to mind.

I enjoy a lot narrative games, including lyric games, and a lot of weird stuff. I make games that explore personal issues, talk about revolutions, and try to be inclusive. If I must name games/systems, PbtA and BitD remain as favorites since always.

I’m pretty active on Twitter as @nynphaiel, and I try to be active on discord (where I even have a very small Spanish-talking server).

I’m really excited about this new community, and I hope to meet a lot of new people!



Welcome, @nynphaiel. Keep an eye open for Gauntlet Community Open Gaming weekend (Feb 25-28) and the Gauntlet Calendar channel for sessions.

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Hello everyone, my name is Emir, but I mostly go by pasanov online (he/him). I’m a TTRPG enthusiast from Sarajevo, and my gaming experience is mostly D&D and Dungeon World, with a few ventures into other games including my own one-page twist on Zombie Dice: Zombie SURVIVAL Dice, available for pay what you want on

I’ve been GM-ing and playing on the last few years but looking to get back to playing in real time with actual people’s voices, if not faces, as soon as I install new windows in my flat and stop most of the noise from coming into the flat. :slight_smile:


Hello, pasanov !
Nice one page semi-LARP zombie game you’ve got there.
(Feedback on the game by Private Message)

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Welcome, @pasanov … hope we get to play on the Gauntlet at some point. There’s a Gauntlet Community Open Gaming weekend coming up on the 25-28 Feb.

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