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I’m Vicka, aka Nynphaiel, an artist and indie game designer from Argentina. I’ve been part of my local community for over a decade, hosting events and clubs, and mainly focusing on diversity and inclusion.

I am recently new to the designing world, since I only started last year. However, the community has been so kind, that I have already published games on the Short Game Digest from the San Jenaro CoOp and on indie zine, hosted by the very Marx Shepard from a couple of posts above :grin: I also publish games under the name Volvodja Press, and I really enjoy collabs doing editing, art, layout, and even project managing! I also cohost a podcast in Spanish, which is very laid back and we discuss anything that comes to mind.

I enjoy a lot narrative games, including lyric games, and a lot of weird stuff. I make games that explore personal issues, talk about revolutions, and try to be inclusive. If I must name games/systems, PbtA and BitD remain as favorites since always.

I’m pretty active on Twitter as @nynphaiel, and I try to be active on discord (where I even have a very small Spanish-talking server).

I’m really excited about this new community, and I hope to meet a lot of new people!



Welcome, @nynphaiel. Keep an eye open for Gauntlet Community Open Gaming weekend (Feb 25-28) and the Gauntlet Calendar channel for sessions.

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Hello everyone, my name is Emir, but I mostly go by pasanov online (he/him). I’m a TTRPG enthusiast from Sarajevo, and my gaming experience is mostly D&D and Dungeon World, with a few ventures into other games including my own one-page twist on Zombie Dice: Zombie SURVIVAL Dice, available for pay what you want on

I’ve been GM-ing and playing on the last few years but looking to get back to playing in real time with actual people’s voices, if not faces, as soon as I install new windows in my flat and stop most of the noise from coming into the flat. :slight_smile:


Hello, pasanov !
Nice one page semi-LARP zombie game you’ve got there.
(Feedback on the game by Private Message)

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Welcome, @pasanov … hope we get to play on the Gauntlet at some point. There’s a Gauntlet Community Open Gaming weekend coming up on the 25-28 Feb.

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By then I should hopefully have the windows sorted, so the truck noises don’t filter in every time I turn the mic on. :sweat_smile: Thanks!


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Hello everybody,

My name is Tomek. In everyday life I work in office in an electronic device’s company, but at night I’m creator and member of independent, amateur theatre group, with experience of writing and directing my own stage plays. In last year I got back to my roots - role playing games, and even started to write my first game ever.

It is called Lines in the Sand - and it’s available here: Lines in the Sand

It’s a no-prep GM-less card game about staying faithful to values in the time of crisis. It is also a game about the consequences of betraying values. Is it true that morals can prevent us from doing what is right?
This is the story about dealing with crisis. How much is the group willing to sacrifice to achieve a common goal? Is the group ready to make harsh choices to survive? Will they betray their own principles to do what is right? How will they behave? Will they overcome this and stay united?

I wanted to develop different approach to collaborative storytelling, so this is my attempt to do this - as a role playing game.

I just discover The Gauntlet and I hope I learn from you about designing and creating better stories.


Welcome to the community, @tomekjmm. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of interest on the Game Design channel.

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Hello all,
Joshua here. I’m mostly jkitz or Thondor on forums.
Designer of Simple Superheroes, and always tinkering with other game ideas.

I also run the Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace. We’re always looking for more publisher’s to join us, and as we sell both to consumers and to Canadian Friendly Local Game Stores, we currently have a “Support Your FLGS” initiative that is about to end — 20% of all sales go to local game stores until the end of January.

I tend to focus on mechanics before concept, in part because one should inform the other, and I want to know what kind of game play a system’s mechanics supports.

@tomekjmm Lines in the Sand looks interesting. Thanks for sharing, I’m always interested in games that use card mechanics.


@jkitz Thank you. I believe that cards are underused and underestinated.

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Welcome @jkitz … check out the Game Design channel.

I certainly will. Thanks for the welcome :grinning:

Hey there, welcome to the fora!

I bought Simple Superheroes from Leisure Games last summer - I think my kids are gonna really love it in a couple of years!

I’m trying to get some of our coop-published stuff into more game shops - I might get in touch about it! Thanks for sharing.

@tomekjmm, like Joshua, I love card-based games too and a whole slew of games I’ve written or thought about recently have cards as an explicit randomiser. Very interested.


Great to hear that you picked up Simple Superheroes @Marx_Shepherd ! If you don’t already have a PDF copy and you want one, get in touch and I’ll arrange that – we do that for all the titles on the marketplace, adds value for retailers carrying our titles.

As for getting your games up on the Marketplace please do reach out. This covers the basic details for potential publishers and has a link to a contact form.


Hi folks. I’m Eric; I’ve been associated as an occasional visitor to the Houston (in-person) Gauntlet group for some time, and was around occasionally for the G+ community, but am just rediscovering the Gauntlet as an online community due to a recent move to the greater Austin area (and Covid).

I’m in the process of working my way through many of the session videos, and hoping to start signing up for games soon. ('Though the calendar currently looks to be booked up through April, so I might have to waitlist.)

I run games as well, but for now I just hope to participate and build ties with the community. I’m excited to find a place where some alternative systems are being run: I’m a big fan of PBTA hacks, Gumshoe, and some of the rarer trad games like Ars Magica, Shadows of Esteren, Torg, or Changeling (and am enjoying seeing some of those ported to other, lighter systems).

Anyway, I’m around and looking forward to meeting y’all.


Hello, and welcome !
I believe some game sessions may have slots reserved for newcomers.


Welcome @Pyske … games are posted up to 2 months out but I’d suggest getting on a waitlist for some games you like the look of. One of my series last month had a complete turn-over of players between posting and playing.
Are you on the Slack? If so, consider posting on the ‘game request’ channel to let GMs know what you’d like to play - specific is good … or reply here and I’ll post your interests for you.
There were also some seats for Gauntlet Community Open Gaming from 25-28 Feb.

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I have slack but do not yet have an invite to the Gauntlet Slack community. I’d love to receive one, if you can remind me who I should contact to get an invite. Thanks!

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There are two ways to get an invite: You either have played with the Gauntlet once - at a regular calendar game, GCOG (Gauntlet Community Open Gaming) or GaunletCON - or as a supporter on Patreon at a certain level. The calendar games are notoriously difficult to get into but you have a decent chance to get a spot through the waitlist. GCOG is probably your best bet as there are a still a number of open spots available: