Nexus Modern Sorcery (PBTA) August 2 Shot

Nexus Modern Sorcery (PBTA)

Genre : Modern Supernatural. Mobile Phones, Mercedes, Magic and Monsters!
System : Powered by the Apocalypse.
Tropes : Double Life, Environmentalism, Fantasy, Hidden World, Magic, Reincarnation, Supernatural.
Fiction Touchstones : Neverwhere-Neil Gaiman, Fairy Tail-Anime, Stargate-Atlantis.

You play modern sorcerers in a Cabal. You will do variations and combinations of the below :

  • Unlock secrets about creatures, magic, and people.
  • Explore and interact with a variety of features and places in the other worlds.
  • Change of the lives of those you will meet, those you know and those you met before.
  • Sessions will be recorded on Youtube
  • X-Card will be use.

If you have any questions hit me up on gauntlet slack, forums or twitter @flyingfox369

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