NGC - House of Wulin: Legends of the 5 Elements

A Midnight Mustelid Comics production presents Underground Comix: Houses of Wulin. This Hearts of Wulin hack will bring the Queer Ballroom culture into divine harmony with Hearts of Wulin wuxia drama.


The year is 1976, the neighborhood is Bellevue in New Gauntlet City. The Ballroom scene has been going strong for three years past the lawless years of early on. Now there is tradition, and challenges that bring the Houses together in divine competition. This is the Challenge of the 5 Elements, a tournament that will see one House gaining the ultimate trophy and bragging rights in the Ball Scene.


You are one of these Legendary Children who will be representing your House. Are you a member of House Silq with their Polychromatic Phoenix Form on display or a menacing member of House Qween Beat who master The Swan Diva? What is your specialty in the talent of vogue? What will you do to win these challenges and ascend to the highest echelons of Ball Culture?


This is a New Gauntlet Comics run in the medium of a comic like Weapons of the Gods or even Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure . You are taking on the role of a member of Ballroom Culture and showing that the differences between martial arts and the queer combat of vogue are not that different after all. This is an imaginative fantasy in the vein of Pose making out heavily with House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon .

Spins & Dips

In our comic you will experience the similarities of House life with a courtly society. There are rules in Ballroom, there are rules in your performances. While there will be only narrative homebrew we will deliciously flavor everything with queerness.

Floor Performance
So come join the queer extravaganza in the vein of Shaw Brothers and Legendary. Let’s tell a fabulous story together!

You must RSVP to every session you wish to attend. The Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy, Open Door Policy, and Community Code of Conduct ( ) will be in place.

Safety tools such as Lines & Veils, the X-card, and Script Change tools will be in place!

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

Session 4: