Night Witches 1944

“There was a night bomber regiment in World War Two composed entirely of women. Natural-born Soviet airwomen.These 200 women and girls, flying outdated biplanes from open fields near the front lines, attacked the invading German forces every night for 1,100 consecutive nights. When they ran out of bombs they dropped railroad ties.”

This is the sixth monthly series in a run of Jason Morningstar’s Night Witches that will span a number of months and eventually encompass the entire Great Patriotic War. We will likely be flying over Zambrow: The weather is cold and icy, and so is the attitude of the men flying flashier planes from improved runways. The competition to be the first to attack German soil in East Prussia is on everyone’s lips.

This series is comprised of 4 sessions. You must volunteer for each individually. It’s best if you can volunteer for all of them, but not required. If you played in any previous series, you may carry over your pilot or create a new one.

CONTENT WARNING: This is a game about war, and explicitly a game about the price women pay to wage it. Violence and death, including the death of player characters, are an inescapable aspect of this game. We will use the X-Card and Script Change to assure as safe a play space as possible, as well as Open Door Policy. Sessions will be recorded for reference, but only released for public consumption if all players consent.
Tuesdays in November at 8:00 PM Eastern time:

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