Night's Black Agents: Solo Ops (December two-shot)

The ID in your bag says you’re a British national named Leila Khan, but you’ve woken up in a hospital with a bad headache, a drip in your arm, and no memory of who you are or how you got here. Your only hope for survival is to figure out what’s going on before whoever or whatever is hunting you catches up with you. Bad news: it’s vampires.

NBA Solo Ops is a game for one GM and one player. Like regular NBA, it’s an action game with horror elements where you play an elite superspy battling a vast vampiric conspiracy; Jason Bourne vs Dracula. It uses a version of the Gumshoe system, but no rules knowledge is required and all rules will be taught during play.

Subject matter: These games will include some violence. The backstory Leila is uncovering includes significant loss of agency but that won’t be something coming up in the ‘present’ of game play

I’ve scheduled this for two two-hour sessions because I think a longer session would be a lot for me as a duet. We’ll take short breaks halfway through each session.

Sessions will be played over streamyard, using rollwithme for dice. I’ll only record or post them if you’d like that. I’ll send you an email a week before the first session to confirm interest and share play materials.

Open access time for sign ups is 8am 18/11/21 AEDT.

Session one:
Session two:

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