Night's Black Operators - The Lisky Bratva

Night’s Black Operators: The Lisky Bratva (1/5)
… starring @Sabine V. @Stephen Humphreys, @Pawel & @Puckett (he/him)
The theft of a laptop from a NATO Conference in Sarajevo leads the team to a rural cemetery, where their pay-off goes wrong and turns into a job offer. Cut to Odessa from where the brutal and uncompromising Josef Lisky runs a criminal empire across eastern Europe, and where Donald Carrol briefs them on their operation: to follow a shipment of tagged military hardware from Odessa Sea Port to its destination. There follows some breaking and entering, some imaginative use of balloons and drones, and a confrontation with a cretaure with very strange properties …

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Night’s Black Operators: The Lisky Bratva (2/5)
… starring @Sabine V. @Stephen Humphreys, @Pawel & @Puckett (he/him)
After last time when they were out-classed by a creature they didn’t understand on Josef Lisky’s turf, the team’s cover and contact are (literally) blown, leaving them little option but to flee Odessa in search of at least temprary respite. Transnistrian fixer, Mr Happy, provides that in return for a favour: a new signing for the local football team must not make a successful debut … Karl the Wet-worker pretends to be a famous fitness coach (knighted for services to British sport) to get access to the young prodigy so that Dylan can play ‘homme-fatale’ and ensnare the naive youngster in a night of passion and fitness training that leaves him exhausted in all kinds of ways. Meanwhile, Mia & Moshe unpick the leads Mr Happy reveals as part of his generous ‘thank you’. The Vampyramid is becoming clearer …

Night’s Black Operators: The Lisky Bratva (3/5)
… starring @Sabine V. @Pawel, @Puckett (he/him), with guest star @Leandro.
Heading into the shadow of the Carpathian Mountains the team have to pick up a ‘minder’ (@Leandro), sent by their sponsor to get ‘eyes on’ - a charming Asset Handler with the immediate charm of a rottweiler. Confronted by the Lisky Bratva’s people trafficing Mia (@Puckett (he/him)) disables their truck and engineers a collision with its black escort SUV. Dylan (@Sabine V) offers to help the Bratva truck-driver (with a silenced automatic pistol) while Karl (@Pawel) uses a rifle-grenade to flip the second black SUV in appropriate action hero style. Unable to ignore what may be going on at Dragovir Monastery, an investigation turns into a raid as they find solid evidence of a predatory supernatural power behind Josef Lisky …

Night’s Black Operators - The Lisky Bratva (4/4)
Due to illness and ‘events’ last week’s session had to be cancelled, curtailing this to a 4-part series.
… with … Sabine, Puckett & Pawel
The team travels to Debeken in Hungary where they discover a key informant is being stalked by Josef Lisky’s Bratva through the city Zoo. Saving her from a tiger involves sacrificing a vampire to it … never a bad move, but then they must convince the Serbian Mafia that Lisky and his organisation are not to be trusted. There follows deception, infiltration and assassination.
The epilogues see Karl making an important decison for his family; Mia brooding over her previously undisclosed desire to own a hotel; and Dylan delivering an important package to Josef Lisky … BOOM! Meanwhile, a NATO task force demolishes Dragovir Monastery only to damage some ancient sigils that have kept an ancient evil confined for centuries … watch this space in the Spring … perhaps …