Night's Dark Operators

4 sessions on Tuesdays in July at 7pm (GMT+1)
This will be the first playtest of my hack of my Achtung! Cthulhu Dark game for play in the world of Night’s Black Agents … scaffolded by the story arc in The Zalozhniy Quartet (by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan).
Tues 7 July:
Tues 14 July:
Tues 21 July:
Tues 28 July:

Night’s Dark Operators - The Scent of Blood (1/4)

We meet the team committed to taking down the international Vampire Conspiracy as they pursue a lead to a human trafficing hub run by the Lisky Bratva. Dmitri the Analyst and Charles the Black Bagger collect valuable intel, while Mia the Sparks maps all the entries and exits. Meanwhile, Dylan the Cuckoo gets a job interview … then there’s an old and unwelcome face, a ghoul, and a bottling plant … all in a day’s work for a group of operators like these …

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Night’s Dark Operators - The Scent of Blood (2/4 - partial recording)
Following up on the leads from last session’s operation the team head for Vienna and aging Russian spy Yuri Arkansky. Mia breaks into the Russian Embassy’s data network; Dylan looks up an old ‘friend’; and Dmitri infiltrates a reception for delegates at an international trade conference … and there is the first scent of a vampire …

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Night’s Dark Operators - The Scent of Blood (3/4)

Having stumbled on the CIA extraction of Yuri Arkansky last session, and seen their team taken apart by vampire Simon Throndal, the operators lifted the aging soviet era spy themselves to find that he expects them (that is the CIA he thinks they are) to get him and his granddaughter to safety in America before he spills what he knows. Unfortunately, the Russian Embassy know she’s arriving from London tomorrow night and is going all out to hold on to her and find him. Meanwhile, the Vampire Conspiracy, in the form of Throndal, is also hunting them. Cut to Vienna airport … there’s some smooth breaking and entering (both physical and digital), an FSB kill team, and a trip on a baggage conveyor belt … and Kansas …

Night’s Dark Operators - The Scent of Blood (4/4)

After aging russian spy Yuri Arkansky gave the team a lead to a safe deposit box belonging to Kim Philby, they undertake the heist. Sadly their expert thief is called away when his fiance comes under threat from the Conspiracy so it’s left to Dylan to con the bamk so that Dimitri can play the oligarch while Mia hacks the system under the nose of a bank employee … then there’s a vault, a vampire, and a UV bomb …