November opens tomorrow on the Hangouts Calendar

Tomorrow’s the first of September, which means the calendar’s open for posting November (!) sessions . But we still have plenty of room on the calendar for October games. Remember the minimum posting time out is two weeks—so late September one-shots are a possibility. A few additional reminders for Event Creators.

  1. For Americans, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday Nov. 28th. November and December are often tough months because everyone’s schedule can change last minute. keep that in mind.
  2. GMs—If you see someone, especially a new member of the community, asking about a game you dig running, think about putting that up. GMs can reserve a seat in a session for a player. Just list the event with one fewer seats. I did that this month with The Sprawl which a new member asked about back in June.
  3. If you’re running several games in a month, consider making one of them friendly for new or new-to-you players . For one of my October games, I asked that for the first three days, only folks who hadn’t yet played with me sign up. Rich has done this in several ways, often asking that initial sign ups only be people who have joined in the last six months or this year.
  4. If your event has some oddness to it-- weekly but you’re skipping one date; using additional online tools; sessions span across months, etc-- make sure you put that front and center in your event description.
  5. Post your events both on the Forums and the Slack. If you’re not on Slack contact me and I’ll get your sessions posted there. That’s especially important to reach new folks in the community. Even if your game fills by the time you go to post on the second site, still put it up there. It allows folks access to the waitlist. (Again, lots & lots of players get into games from the waitlists!)
  6. If you’ve played on The Gauntlet and are thinking about running for us, contact me via a forum or a Twitter message (@edige23). I can get you set up. Our requirement is that you’ve played in a few Gauntlet sessions, preferably with more than one GM before you run.

Hit me up if you have questions


Should this thread be called ‘Suddenly … it’s November’?


At one point there was talk about removing Slack due to cost, and just use Google Plus

since then Forums has replaced Google Plus, but Discord is still there.

Are we going to consolidate more or stick with Discord + Forums + Slack?

We’re not changing anything right now. We may come back and look at that again mid-year 2020.