Number of likes per day

What’s the limit for the number of likes per day on Gauntlet?

I recently received the Regular badge, where it said: “and you’ll also get lots more likes per day.”

Seemed weird, so I looked it up: “Daily like limit increased by 2×”

Weird that there is a built in mechanic that makes new people feel unappreciated.

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Discourse (the forum platform) is built around a self-defined concept of “trust,” so it’s meant to be a security/safety feature to prevent spammers and encourage (?) participation so that you can be “trusted” (by the system). It’s not a great, imo, and the forums are bit more restrictive than they need to be.

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I think the default is 50, though like everything else it can be changed. I’ve never used it on any forum. Which is a shame, because you get a badge if you do.

Edit to add: I see 17 people have used their 50 daily likes at least once, which is pretty amazing.


This limit is super simple to hit for someone like myself. When I join a community, I tend to read through as much of the stuff I find interesting as I can. And since I joined when there were already a few dozen great design threads, hitting likes on the stuff I found great wasn’t hard at all.


Ah, I see now that I misunderstood. The limit is about giving likes, not receiving. :smiley: