OAWR - Musical Madness Quarter 1

OAWR Quarterly – Musical Madness

The year is 1996 and the world is dripping with musical potential. Alternative, rap, punk, darkwave, industrial, folk, house, whatever genre you want you could find it or a precursor here. The fields of expression are fertile enough that a Recurrence was nigh inevitable. Lucky for us the time was right for one anyway!

You are chosen! Fated! Destined! Maybe even with a contract and merchandising options! What style of divinity and music makes you you? Where will this Pantheon go, and how will they be remembered? This is the world of anti-media moguls as well with mothers shouting down backmasked messages, the barely cold Satanic Panic, and it has never gone out of style to want to see celebrities fall out of favor.

Sundays in October start off our adventure, and it’s going to be divine! 1 PM Central / 1900 BST except the 27th which will be 1800 BST.

Session 1: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-LlhR3smUL8zFQB9UVFH

Session 2: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-LlhRTej0xJrBPDaE0o-

Session 3: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-LlhRg9sVne4_umfaTzD

Session 4: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-LlhRupdmPXXvZykATmg

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