October Writing Meetups

This is a meeting where we talk about any writing projects we have, set specific writing goals, and review up to two specific works that people have submitted. A week before the meeting, a Google doc will be shared amongst everyone to determine what will be reviewed and what will be talked about during the meeting. Specific content warnings must be presented with links to the writing and any requests for feedback. The Google doc will also contain a link to the discord server that will be used for voice chat during the meeting. The meeting will not be recorded, and attendance for future meetings is not required. Two spots are reserved for members who have already joined that discord.

Anything related to writing, whether it be game-related, fiction, academic, poetry, or anything else, is allowed to be presented or talked about. There aren’t any specific word count limits, just that the two major pieces discussed have to be limited to 45 minutes.

Community Code of Conduct

Sunday Session Meetup: 2022-10-09T19:00:00Z2022-10-09T21:00:00Z
Saturday Session Meetup: 2022-10-22T21:00:00Z2022-10-22T23:00:00Z

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