Offline places to run games


Hi! I asked this question a few days back, likely in the wrong place, because I’m not sure where it belongs.

Is there, or should there be, a category/topic for people to post opportunities to run games IRL? I know LFP posts are off-limits, but this is not that. I run a convention which tries to be Gauntlet-friendly, and certainly promotes indie games wherever possible. I’d love to be able to invite people to run games at our tables, but don’t want to spam or put promo where it’s not wanted, because I like clean forums.


Just as an FYI we (the mods) are still discussing this but will let you know when we come to a decision.


Thanks for your consideration!


I, too, would like to be able to talk about offline games here.

Also: I dislike podcasts so I am likely outside the mainstream Gauntlet Forum member.