Offworlders: Dead Planet (Thursday nights in October)

Offworlders: Dead Planet

Four Thursday nights EDT in October

It was supposed to be a standard cargo run. But your ship got yanked out of hyperspace by… something, and now your ship’s hyperdrive is fried and you’re orbiting a strange planet in an unexplored system. Scanners show dozens of other ships also in orbit, all damaged, no life signs… Welcome to Dead Planet.

Dead Planet is a sci-fi/horror adventure originally written for the OSR RPG Mothership . This game will be using a slightly modified version of the stripped-down PbtA RPG Offworlders .

This is a four-session series, running Thursday nights in October (10/1, 10/8, 10/22, & 10/29). Note that this series will skip Thu 10/15 due to Gauntlet Con 2020. Attendance at all four sessions is encouraged, but not required: You must sign up for each individual session.

Sessions will run 3 hours and will not be recorded. We will be using Zoom for video chat, Roll For Your Party as a dice roller, Google Sheets for a shared character keeper, and possibly Google Drawings to share images, maps, etc.

CONTENT WARNINGS: The tone I am going for is survival-horror/action-horror. It is rated “R” for violence, gore, body-horror, psychological horror, and disturbing situations.

Safety Tools: The X-Card, Lines & Veils, and Open Table will all be used. This event abides by the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

Session 4:


Sadly I’m not free, but I’m really excited to see DP being run with a PBTA shell! I hope it goes well

I’m running this mashup myself ATM (Dead Planet by way of Offworlders). You mentioned you are using a “slightly modified” version of Offworlders. Can I ask what the modifications are? Did you introduce mechanics for sanity/stress?

Hi, folks.
I suddenly have two open slots for “Offworlders: Dead Planet” tonight at 8, and next Thursday at the same time. Please sign up if you’re interested!

Hi, Ben.

My modifications were…

Split the universal move into two: if you are acting from a position of safety (“Act Boldly”) or if you are acting from a position of danger (“Act Desperately”). The moves were lifted from “The Day Move” and “The Night Move” from Brindlewood Bay and the safety/peril dichotomy was lifted from Escape From Dino Island.

I also added a Stress track and two Stress reduction moves (“Act Out” and “Reach Out”), basically lifted from Last Fleet.

Here’s the playtest document:

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Very nice, thanks for sharing!

I’ll perhaps post the stress mechanics I can’t up with when i make to get them back to the table (been on hiatus for a little while).

I hadn’t come across Act Out / Reach Out before. Those are some great moves.

Thanks! Like I said, I pretty much lifted that tech from better game designers than myself.

I’m thinking of eliminating hit points, replacing them with either a harm track (as per Monster of the Week) or with just the stress track plus conditions (as per Trophy).

But now this is less a hack of Offworlders and more a new game altogether!

Links to recordings of these sessions:

Session One: Oct 1, 2020
Session Two: Oct 8, 2020
Session Three: Oct 22, 2020
Session Four: Oct 29, 2020