On Slack and Slack Membership

Earlier this year we changed how we handle Slack membership: The Gauntlet Slack is a platform to discuss, plan, and examine game play on the Gauntlet - like an online gaming club.

Last year we lost G+,a great place to engage with broader game conversations. It offered an open and public site for conversations about all kinds of games. Our Gauntlet Forums have somewhat filled that role—with broader design and play talk and discussions open to anyone. Other communities-- Indie Game Reading Club and Storybrewers Discord-- have offered other resources and places.

But Gauntlet Slack remains about play. It originally began as a place to plan sessions, talk about what worked at the table, and see what kinds of games folks wanted to play on the Gauntlet, and it still offers those conversations.

We originally tied membership to Patreon support as an additional incentive for backers supporting our podcasts. We hoped that this, along with the newly created Codex magazine, would push fans of the network to support us. Remember that Codex actually began as a way to add value to backing our Patreon.

But with the growth and changes in the Gauntlet, it’s made less sense to exclusively tie Slack membership to that financial support.There are new logistical challenges with tying access to patreon support, we have players who don’t back the Patreon, and limiting access to people who can afford to pledge poses issues of classism and gatekeeping.

Earlier this year we opened up who can join our Slack. Right now there are three ways:

  1. Support us on Patreon.

  2. Participate in the Gauntlet Gameway Program

  3. Play a session with us (via the Gauntlet calender events, the Gauntlet Community Open Gaming, or the Gauntlet Con).

If someone plays a game with the community, either on the Gauntlet Calendar or during a GCOG weekend, they’re welcome to join the Slack. Once someone has joined, they can stay in even if they stop being part of the Patreon or Gameway program. And as long as they have played with us once, they may remain on the Slack. If someone played with us previously, but let their Patreon backing lapse they may ask to rejoin the Slack. Anyone at any time can always ask to be removed from the Slack (if for example they leave and don’t want all channel notifications).

The Gauntlet Slack operates under the Gauntlet Code of Conduct, and all participants are expected to adhere to it.


So, if I played a game on the gauntlet even though I am not currently a Patreon supporter, how would I request Slack access?



I have am a recently resubscribed Patreon backer (although only at the Codex level now), and have also played online at a previous Gauntletcon. It would be great if I could get back onto the Slack. What’s the procedure?



I don’t know what the procedure is but I linked your question in the Slack. Looking forward to seeing both of you there soon!


Hi @Saul_A and @Deckard, will be great to have you! I will add you when you tell me the email you want to log in with in a private DM.

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Thank you Gerrit! I am excited to get into a few more Gauntlet games.

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Good to have you now! Getting into games will still be difficult (what helps is the Patreon level with priority access on the first 48 hours). But there are other opportunities on the Slack like the Need Players channel, the game_request channel etc.

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I have also played (at the open event - I was only referred to a Discord though, at the time) and have been a Patreon subscriber in the past. I’d love to be in the slack too, if it were possible.


Great to hear, @Jools! Send me the email address with which you want to be invited to the Slack as a Direct Message here and we’ll get you in.

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