On the Gauntlet Podcast

So we held off posting this as we didn’t want to steal thunder from +1 Forward’s announcement of their final show. As you know we recently released the Gauntlet Podcast 2022 Game of the Year episode. It’s pretty amazing thanks to everyone who contributed, and especially to Rob for his great edit and organization. That episode will be the hosting team’s last.

It’s not the end of our work however. We’re working on a new podcast with some slight changes to the format and new brand identity. We really enjoy the basic structure of hosts talking with community members about what they’re playing and interested in. We want to broaden that a little and open it up for folks to talk about any games they’ve played. We have a few other tweaks as well.

One of the things we want to do is add a couple of new voices and increase the diversity of the team, so we’re going to be exploring how to do that. I personally want to thank hosts David, Rae, Shane, and Sherri for all their work. I also want to thank @flatvurm (and @RichRogers) for their edits over the years. Rich brought me onto the show way back in 2016 and I took over managing the podcast in 2019. I’m really proud of what we’ve done-- both the general shows which have spotlighted tons of games as well as the focused episodes like our seminar on hard moves and our talk with Rich about editing podcasts.

We will have more news in the next couple of months-- and when we have our new feed, we’ll get that posted for everyone.

We want to thank everyone who has listened, has been on the show, and has given us feedback. This podcast has been as strong as it is because of the community.

You can find the GP GotY 2022 episode here: https://www.gauntlet-rpg.com/the-gauntlet-podcast/2022-favorite-games-of-the-year
You can find the index of Gauntlet Podcast episodes here: https://www.gauntlet-rpg.com/gauntlet-podcast-index.html
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