On the restriction from using text from the forums


I believe I know why that rule is in place, too keep discussions from being taken out of context, but it might be worth clarifying what ideas/words can be used outside the forums. Specifically, I was thinking about what goes on in the game design category. The Ziggurratti thread made me stop and think about the copying restriction and how theoretically it might limit such discussions, as people realize they may not be able to use that text to actually develop the game. Thoughts?


There’s also a thread about magic herbs and it will be taken elsewhere with attribution. So it’s not hard to see that if you are clear enough what it will be used for, restriction might be waved for certain things.,


Just to be clear @Christo are you referring to https://forums.gauntlet-rpg.com/tos#heading--your-content when you speak of the “restriction?”


Hmm. Never mind — I was broadly interpreting one clause earlier up. I thought I’d seen something about screenshots, but I guess not.