Once You Roll The Dice, You Lose The Dice

Are there any rpgs that once you roll dice, the dice go away, and become something else?
Fiasco does this(without the rolling part). Is there another game that also keeps tally of dice?

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I seem to recall In A Wicked Age doing something like this (your dice can be reduced or possibly go away) but I honestly don’t remember the rules well enough and can’t find my PDF. Maybe someone else remembers?

In a Wicked Age…. isn’t a good candidate for this. You can have your dice “reduced”, yes, but that has nothing to do with you rolling them - it’s a conflict outcome thing.

However, Swords without Master does this explicitly: there is only one set of dice, and as the players roll them, they pass them to each other.


Bryant Durrell’s game Above the Earth is a superhero game where you have 100d6s to use, however you want. Whenever you want to act, you roll some number of dice. You choose how many. Bigger totals are better. But once you spend them, they’re gone entirely. (You can also spend dice to establish facts about the game world.)

So the whole game is a resource management thing. You can succeed at any task, but you have to decide which task is worth spending dice on to succeed.


Also, I made a game called Longshot for Game Chef, years ago, that worked like that. You had a limited pool of dice that you could use. Once you spent them, they were gone. There were a few ways to get additional dice, but they required a difficult or unpleasant act of the player: confess to murder, become badly injured, etc.

Not quite what you’re looking for, but Swords Without Master passes a single pair of dice around the table! After you roll, you pass the dice off to someone else, and that drives the flow of the game.

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