One Child's Heart Kickstarter


Hey everyone,

I’m sure many of you are aware, but if you aren’t here’s the link to Camdon Wright’s One Child’s Heart.

What I love about the description is the following:

One Child’s Heart is intended to be an empathy-building experience with a message of hope and human connection. It’s a game where the characters’ only goal is to support and love an imaginary child who is struggling with their life circumstances.”

I have heard nothing but fantastic things from the people who have played it, and backed it as soon as I knew it was happening. It’s being published by Unicorn Motorcycle Games and @Kate_Bullock is managing the campaign!

If you want to hear more here are some great listening resources!

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It’s an excellent game. I’ve been in games run by Camdon and @Kate_Bullock and definitely found it a game that causes you to process and ponder both during and after the game. Aside from the content itself, it seems to draw out intense stories from the personal lives of the players, likely from resonating with the what happens in the game.

The constraints built into the memory trip, that you can’t change the outcome but can change how the child frames the memory, leads to players experimenting to test the limits of the memory constructs in order to achieve a positive outcome, and drives creative thinking in that box.

Safety tools are an integral part of this game, both at the character level and the player level, and I think they help increase the resonance between the character and player levels.

Once my work backs off a bit, I plan on running this for the Gauntlet in May, for those heroes willing to drive in.