One Supposes Introductions Must be in Order

My name is Victor, I am a fortyish writer and game designer from Wyoming. I’m a member on several RPG forums, but this one stood out to me because of its focus on both indie games and OSR games-- matching my own (main) gaming tastes and calming some of my frustrations about these games becoming opposing camps and even political shibboleths.

I got started with AD&D (1e) in 1993 and switched over to 2e and Player’s Option in 1997 and 3.0 and 3.5 at launch… in addition to branching out into numerous other games. I’ve got a general “I’m With D&D” attitude, and my other favorite games are Street Fighter: the Storytelling Game, Barbarians of Lemuria, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, and Dresden Files RPG.

My current official Works in Progress are Shroompunk, an OSR game that reimagines D&D if Appendix N had been all NES and Filmation, and Cascade City, an urban fantasy game that replaces all of the traditional Gothic Horror guts of urban fantasy with wuxia and xianxia guts and planetary romance guts and cyberpunk guts and so many guts, more guts than your body has room for.

Unofficially I’ve been trying to “fix” 3.PF multiclassing for fifteen years and I’m not going to stop until I succeed-- and there are are a few other parts of the system I want to poke at while I’m in there. Probably going to try to run a Spelljammer game with it, if I ever get it presentable.

I submit myself to the judgment of the Gauntlet.


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