Oneshot games in an Apocalypse World campaign

My group’s current campaign of Masks is almost done, and we’ve been doing some prep for our new campaign, Apocalypse World. We’ve decided to play The Quiet Year to establish our setting - we’re playing in an Apocalyptic Western-themed setting with lots of snow, mountains, and community-building.

Are there any good oneshot games to play during this campaign when the full group can’t make it, either with our established characters or to flesh out other parts of the world? I’m thinking of playing Casket Land for one of these, for example, or Do Not Let Us Die in the Long Dark of This Cold Winter.


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How did the Western-themed game go?

When I ran an Apocalypse World campaign, I used Our Last Best Hope to see how the world ended. My group have never ‘won’ a game, so I was banking on that working. You could ‘flash back’ to the end times with that.
If you’ve only got one or two players, a game of something like Quietus could work to set up a potential horror from the Psychic Maelstrom in the future.
I think it’s out of print at the moment but if you find a physical copy of The Tavern by Graham Walmsley, you could show some time in the life of a drinking hole the group frequent and the daily lives of the people who work there. It could even help examine the kinds of cuisine the community have in the apocalypse.