Online play without a video

I am wondering what is the etiquette regarding online play without a webcam.

My connection speed is slow (2M up and 0,5 down on average) and every time I played on Skype and Zoom, I inflicted embarrassing lags on the other players. I recently read that things can go smoother if I just shut down my video camera.
But then : is it acceptable ?

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I do prefer playing on video without a focus on any map or vtt BUT lag can kill a session entirely. I consider this fine for days with the internet is responding slowly but I’d prefer not to play if that was an all the time thing. Depending on the game, I would prefer to dump the vtt first though.

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As a question of Gauntlet etiquette, though, it is perfectly fine to play without using a webcam. There are more than a few regular players who play without video and use voice only!


Agreed with Rob: While I prefer it when I can see everyone, bandwidth can get scarce. When that happens, it’s best to shut off your webcam.