Online Resource -

In trying to find a way to create a easy rollable table results generator, I found this website, I haven’t played around with it yet, but, even though it looks like it’ll take a little work up-front, it looks like a really easy way to have your tables ready for any spurious, generative/emergent moment. And it looks lightweight enough to run alongside a Google Spreadsheet character keeper!

Anyone used this? Any thoughts?

Finally, @ the moderators, I’ve created a new “resources” tag - I won’t be offended if you want to remove that to keep tags controlled, but I thought it might be nice since I know there have been a few disparate topics about online resources.


This looks like Abulafia, which has been around for like a decade. I haven’t dug in to see the differences, which I’m sure are numerous, but I love and use Abulafia both for iterative design and for generating random lists of stuff I need.