Only the anthology of games concerning war

“Only the dead have seen the end of war”
commonly attributed to Plato…

An anthology of games concerning themselves with various aspects of war.
You do not have to sign up for every one of these; they are stand-alone games.

Including: Red Carnations on Black Grave, 'Terps, Carolina Death Crawl, Grey Ranks.

Red Carnations on a Black Grave
Red Carnations on a Black Grave is a freeform roleplaying game that brings to life the 72 tumultuous days of the Paris Commune. Each player portrays two characters during the two months of the Commune, one of whom must die during the French Army’s all-out assault on Paris in the last week of May, 1871. Special cards guide your play, providing questions about how the characters are related to each other, historical incidents to serve as the basis of scenes in the game, and the ultimate fate of your surviving characters.

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When the Combine came to your planet to put down the terrorists and bring peace and freedom, you volunteered as a combat interpreter. It is your home, your culture, your language, and you are the link between off-world soldiers and the people around them. You want to improve your war-torn planet and your own lot in life – at the end of your term of service there will be a golden ticket for you and your family to a better life off-planet, in the Combine.

Too bad “terrorist” doesn’t mean what you thought it did, and “peace and freedom” are somehow elusive. And too bad that golden ticket is a lie.

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Carolina Death Crawl
At the height of the American Civil War, your characters have been abandoned deep behind Confederate lines. Can they fight their way through enemy territory and treacherous terrain back to safety? For all but one, the answer is “no!”, but the dark story you tell in trying will be memorable and thrilling. Fun and competitive, CAROLINA DEATH CRAWL gives you all the history you need—you supply the desperation, depravity, and destruction.

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Grey Ranks
(For the first 24 hours, please sign up only if you’ve joined the Gauntlet since the most recent Open Weekend, or have had trouble getting into a series.
I’ve waived the usual RSVP priority period.)

In Grey Ranks, you will assume the role of a young Polish partisan before, during, and after the disastrous 1944 Uprising against the Germans. Together with your friends, you’ll create the story of a group of teens who fight to free their city, one of countless Grey Ranks “crews” that take up arms. Your characters – child soldiers – will have all the faults and enthusiasms of youth. Across sixty days of armed rebellion, they will grow up fast – or die.

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A playlist of those recorded games (and a bonus play of Palanquin, from the most recent GCOG)

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