@Gustavo_Campanelli As written so far, everyone plays a burden, and they come from the 4 serf classes (conduit, fabricator, recycler, servitor), or knight or cleric, for a total of 6 “classes” so to speak. Would you like to see more different groups explicitly, or maybe make “trees” in each group so the 6 groups could be customized? Example: a servitor might be an educator, entertainer, etc.?)

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That sounds like enough for system neutral. Thanks. From that we can expand it into our system of choice.

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Cool, but I think the question you asked brings up a good point. There should probably be a page that puts all the playable archetypes together on one page or two, so they can be compared and contrasted


Like some kind of Rogue Traders? That’s where my mind went.

I’m having trouble imagining agency for the Burdens, unless there’s a possibility for them to walk away from the Ziggurat, or burn it down, or both. Since they do all of the technical work, can they seize the means of production?

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Hey fam,

So we can have a sense of conclusion, I’ve wrapped everything up and and published it for free. Share with whomever you want, whereever you want. You’ve all been credited as co-conspirators. This was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who embraced the spirit in which it was originally proposed.




BTW, consider Zigguratti open content. If anyone wants to take it and run, go for it! Turn it into a PbtA game about revolution? Fine with me! Change nearly everything? I don’t care. I just wanted to capture the progress so far.


Thank you for putting the work in and getting this put together in such a cool format.


@Chad_Walker - thank you for this. This is a fascinating (if disturbing) concept. One that’s been grabbing my attention as I can spare it since I’ve found it last week.
So, just a few thoughts.

  • Servitors - maybe it’s inherently obvious to everyone else, but that includes the vertical farmers/vat techs/protein printers as well as the medics/nurses/surgeons/augmenters.
  • Organized crime. I’m sure this is because I’ve been poking through Hack The Planet, but I’m sure there would be this in any ziggurat. They’re dealing with universal, persistent surveillance (those darn AR implants), so it would be something different from historical medieval gangs, but they would have one thing in common - important members would be knights and clergy…
  • Anyone got an idea on what life would be like in a ziggurat? I think a GM could steal a lot from a WH40K hive.
  • Servitors again - I can’t wrap my brain around the augmentations for them that would " augmented to suppress stress caused by acute boredom or interpersonal conflict - can anyone help me with an example?

Anyway, thank you all.

I would assume the augmentations stimulate parts if the brain to keep the masses not unhappy. Not keep them happy, mind you, because that should be a reward of the elite.