Open Design: Zoron, a setting based on “Star Wars Legends”

After writing a DitV town using the Star Wars IP, I recently created a new setting “inspired” by Star Wars, cutting out the cruft that had accumulated over the years, ‘canonizing’ my interpretations of the galaxy, and making it easier to commercialize stuff if I feel I should go in that direction. I also released said setting under CC-BY as well, so other people can use it too.

It’s pretty easy to match the “Zoron” faction with its “Star Wars” counterpart: Modern Zoronians with the Sith, Spiritualists with the Jedi, Turanists with the Republic, etc. So I don’t really need to provide that much detail - only enough to make the two IPs legally distinct.

The whole setting is ~1000 words though, so I’m not sure if the document is too short, but it’s better to be short and give the GM freedom rather than add too much fluff that will most likely get ignored. Let me know your thoughts, and suggestions. Any contributions here will get reflected in the Google Doc (and you will receive attribution).

Can you clarify a little bit what specific design issues you’re having? What specific kind of feedback are you looking for here?

I want to know whether the document would provide enough information for a GM to be able to run a game using that setting, no matter what ruleset is used. The idea is that the GM would know the state of the galaxy, and then improvise/create planetary sectors where their campaigns take place (while using the “big picture” to come up with plot hooks for those sectors).

I suppose the harsh question would be what does this give me that a StarWars wiki doesn’t if I want to play this kind of space opera in this kind of setting?

For an average consumer, this gives you nothing. You don’t even need to deal with continuity issues if you set your campaign in a remote enough area (like the “Unknown Regions” or an obscure planet) or time period (say, 5000 years after the Battle of Yavin) where said continuity just doesn’t really matter (Legends only really extends out to ~140 years after the Battle of Yavin).

For the game developer though, this gives you the opportunity to create and sell a “space opera” adventure within a “Star Wars”-style galaxy (since the IP is not owned by LucasArts) without fear of getting sued, since you’re not trying to sell something set in “Star Wars”, but rather in another “Star Wars”-style galaxy.

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