OpenD6 Rules

I have always liked the D6 rules that WEG used back in the day. Now we have started work on a online character creator for the OpenD6 rules. Taking the three main books, Adventure, Space, and Fantasy, and working to bring all the rules into a consistent and usable format. Does anyone else like and or use the rules? As it is OGL it has the advantage of no licensing fee and we can use the rules in our books as we want etc.

Could you clarify what game is AWG?

You mean WEG? West End Games was the publisher. The best known game they created using the D6 rules was the first Star Wars RPG

Oh thanks! I have no idea how I wrote awg.

Anyway, what was the d6 system like?

Fairly simple. You roll your 6 sided dice based on your attribute and skill levels. Average rolls were from 3d6 for low skilled characters to around 6 or 7 on the high side. You can have more but thats rarer. You designate one die as a wild die, usually a different color. Roll the dice and add them up. If the wild die comes up a six reroll and add that to the result as well. If you hit the target number you succeed. I mean, that’s the basics at least.