Origins Game Fair


I bought my badge thing for Origins – who’s going? Also uhhh what is there to do bc it seems like an intimidating amount of d&d and Shadowrun and battle tech


Games on Demand is where you will want to spend your time. I’d also bet there will be a Magpie room as well.


I’ll second Games on Demand! I fondly remember playtesting Jason Pitre’s game (The Fifth World) about post-apocalyptic society growth.

Otherwise, if you’re into boardgaming at all, there’s gonna be TONS of publishers running demos all through the vendor hall.


Games on Demand runs 3 slots a day of Indie RPGs and is the best place to spend the entire con, though I may be biased (because I was a co-founder back in the day!). Seriously, it’s great, and you won’t need to go anywhere else except out for food with everyone during breaks.


Oh, and I will be there! Working the IPR booth in the hall during the day, running/playing at GoD in the evening!


I think you mean Jason Godesky’s game. Jason Pitre publishes some great games as well, but you know, different games.


Besides the Games on Demand room already discussed, you should go across the street to North Market for delicious food, particularly Jeni’s ice cream. That’s the hidden treasure of Origins, right there.


Although I adore Games on Demand (and will be there running stuff, come say hey) Origins is pleasantly big and full of interesting things. So between your excellent, well-run GoD games and runs to the North Market, there’s a large dealer’s hall, National Security Decision Making games, and stuff for every taste and inclination. You could spend the entire show playing a single massive wargame, you could play Werewolf at 3AM, it’s a lot.


Oh! Good catch. I think I was making assumptions because Jason Pitre facilitated my game.


Origins Games on Demand is so much fun!

Got to play Polaris, Monsterhearts 1, Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, Dungeon World, Vesna Thaw, DramaSystem, Itras By … run Dogs in the Vineyard like four times through the same scenario … hang out with new friends, buy indie games on site, eat ice cream.


No Magpie Games room for Origins! We’ll be at Games on Demand running stuff there. :smiley:

Like others have said, there’s so much to do at Origins. Food is great, GoD can be an awesome place to find great games, and the Big Bar on 2 is a cool place to hang out if you want to talk shop with industry folks after hours. Would love to see a Gauntlet Meetup organized if folks have time to put it together!


I’ll be at Origins, Darren! Can’t wait to meet you in person. You’ll find me at Games on Demand or North Market, that’s about all I do at Origins (which is a shame, I know, there’s much MORE to do, that’s just what I do). The Big Bar on 2 is very popular for hanging out when there is no gaming.


My name’s Aaron, and I’ll be doing all the things everyone else has mentioned. If you have any inclination towards Lovecraftian horror, the Rogue Cthulhu group has a substantial presence and runs some great LARPS, etc.