OSR-mindset 5e oneshot dungeon — equal parts shark and whimsy

An ancient sink is guarded by glowing sharks. They say the penultimate thief of time was buried there.

  • A gift? Lassiclere, a high elf midwife (who helped birth a PC) is in town. She would love a rubbing from the headstone.

  • Pilgrimage? The thieves’ union never mandates these missions, but good luck follows all that pray at the tomb.

  • Gentrification? The sink houses a gam of sahuagin. Drive them out and we can make better use of the space.

This short module is set in a wetlands environment near a city — perfect for your Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign. It plays out in a tight single session or a leisurely pair, and should take a group of level 3 PCs to level 4.

Time Sink is my first title for the DM’s Guild - I’ve otherwise written extensively of horror investigation and OSR absurdity. Time Sink takes innovations from both spheres and will be a blast to play at your table, and again and again at conventions:

  • the traps in the final location are randomly placed, lending it a roguelike air and great replayability

  • there are procedures and guidelines to encourage player engagement and narrative focus

  • there’s a whimsical fishwoman trapmaker who’ll feed the PCs secrets and her roe


Happy to give comp copies away for listeners of Fear of a Black Dragon!