Paranormal investigator scenarios

What are your favorite scenarios/adventures/modules for games about investigating and confronting the paranormal and supernatural?

Feel free to hype your favorites and your own projects alike! I’m especially hoping to hear about anything that sounds appropriate for Agents of the O.D.D., a game of shaky psychics, conscripted cryptids, and burned spies confronting paranormal threats, inspired by Hellboy and The Laundry (and apparently echoing SCP, which I never heard of before releasing this game, but I’m told I should start mining for story seeds). I’ve been running a playtest campaign for the revised edition by quickly adapting OSR adventures to a modern-day setting, but I imagine there’s some great stuff out there I just don’t know about yet for games like Delta Green, Conspiracy X, Monster of the Week, or the like. Bonus points if you can include a link to a place where readers can buy!


Night Floors for Delta Green is pretty great and would be easy to use in other games.

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Sadly, I don’t think Arquivos Paranormais has been published in English.