Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic Inventorying

Hello The Gauntlet (Do community members have a special name? :thinking:),

This not only my first post here ever but it is also about my very first foray in game design and publishing.

This community was recommended to me by several very good people including Jason Pitre and Kevin Lovecraft, so here I am.

As mentioned in the title of this post, my game is “Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic Inventorying”.

What is this game?

This project is a storytelling GM-less game for 3 to 6 players, designed to be played in a few hours with polyhedral dice and no preparation.

It is comparable to fan-favourites games like Once Upon A Time and The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

This game is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to encumbrance rules and tropes commonly found in our beloved dungeon-crawling tabletop roleplaying games.

The game starts as the Adventurers just defeated their final foes and they discover what wondrous items.

However, before embarking on their journey home, they must decide what to keep or throw away.

If Adventurers hold-on to possessions which “spark joy”, they are likely to feel invigorated and satisfied for the rest of their lives…

…but letting go of less emotionally-charged, often more useful Belongings, might prove to be a deadly mistake on their Journey Home.

What is going on with it?
I am currently running as many online sessions as I can while consolidating the base rules.

My goal is to publish a Quickstart PDF by the end of 2020 ahead of Dragonmeet in London.

Then, I want to expand it with a new play mode and other features into an extended version for a Kickstarter campaign in late 2021/early 2022.

Why post about it here?
Well, I am obviously keen to raise awareness about this game but what I am really after is more people to join my online sessions.

I run weekly sessions (7.30pm BST / 2.30 EST) via the London RPG Community Meetup but more importantly…

…I will be running ELEVEN SESSIONS of the game as part of Origins Online.

It is very exciting but:

  • I am anxious about whether players will sign up to these;
  • I have very limited experience running games for a convention;

So any advice about the above, help in spreading the word about these sessions or volunteer to join one of my online sessions ahead of Origins would be very very very welcome. :heartbeat:




Awesome! I’ll see if I can get into a session.

Years ago I read this document:

It was hugely helpful for when I started running con games (and online sessions). While there’s some procedural stuff specific to Games on Demand, there’s a lot of good suggestions.

A few things I remember which changed my approach:
*Being really clear about expectations at the start (what kind of game this is going to be, what’s the tone, etc)
*Laying out for your players what the structure of the session is going to be. (take a break at X time, first part is character creation, we’ll wrap a little early so you can make it to your next session, etc).
*Planning to keep an eye out on the time and warning players than when you get to the last half hour you may “hard frame” some things to bring all the threads together.

There’s a lot more in the document.



Looks like I got some reading to do. :grin:

Your summary points are already very good.

I look forward to having you among my players.

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I got a online session planned for tomorrow at 7.30pm (BST/London) aka 2.30pm (EDT/US East Coast)…

However a couple players had to cancel and I might have to cancel

Please do not hesitate to join us if you would like to try Paris Gondo again and/or let friends know about this game session.

Following the advice of Jesseabe, I plan to get in touch soon with The Gauntlet team but I’m a bit busy atm with prepping for Origins Online. :sweat_smile:

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I copy-paste here a post and newsletter issue that I made today following the cancellation of Origins Online.

Original post


I wanted to react without any delay to today’s news that Origins Online is cancelled.

I was looking forward to the opportunity to run games there.

As an alternative, I hope to run games at Virtually Expo and other online conventions but I didn’t have the time yet to look into that. Feel free to contact me with suggestions or direct requests for private online sessions for you and your friends.

However, it is really not important at the moment.

What matters…

Black Lives Matter!

I invite you to use one of the following and other alternative means to support the ongoing fight towards racial equality and against police violence.

Ways You Can Help

Video Game and TTRPG Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

Take care and stay safe.


Black Lives Matter banner by @byfrancita

I will just add that as a result, I will move forward my plan to join games run here on The Gauntlet and once I have met the vetting process I should submit sessions of Paris Gondo here too.


Origins Online is cancelled, but I decided to answer the call of Dennis Furia who is encouraging people from the “Origins Games Fair: Games Master Group” to run their games independently and to do so while supporting Black Lives Matter.

I will be running half a dozen two hours sessions of my game, “Paris Gondo – The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying“, from Friday June 19 to Sunday June 21st.

An extensive description of the game can be found here.

To register, please complete BOTH OF THESE TWO STEPS:

  • select a session in our Sign Up Doodle

  • AND email me at parisgondo at gmail dot com

I hope the process will be straightforward but I am new at organising such thing.

Those sessions are entirely free, but I would be grateful for any donation to the following fundraising towards the NAACP Empowerment Programs:

#SparkJoy / Eliminate Racial Hatred & Racial Discrimination

If you prefer to support Black Lives Matters in another way, the Ways You Can Help Black Lives Matters webpage is full of other means, including non-financial one, as well as alternative organisations to pick and resources to educate ourselves.

I look forward to playing with you.



I still have free spots for the above including today’s Saturday June 20th at 9am to 11am (EDT) / 2pm to 4pm (BST).

Sunday sessions are listed in the Sign Up Dood above (if you fill the doodle do not forget to email me so I can contact you with the details).

I really look forward to running this game for The Gauntlet Hangout someday.

I’ll be running two sessions of “Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying” as part of the next Gauntle Community Open Gaming.

The sessions will take place on Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of July.

I look forward to playing with members of the Gauntlet. :sun_with_face:


Hey Kalum! Once again I’m sorry I had to drop out of your session. I just saw that BODIE did your dude, I love that guy’s artwork.

I will DM you later in the week about getting a session together for this :slight_smile:

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No worries.

Thanks for the heads up. I look forward to future opportunities to run the game for you.

Have a lovely weekend.

I’m running several sessions of Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying as part of Virtually Expo :slightly_smiling_face:

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In case anyone is on the fence, this is an easy going, nostalgia improv romp. Powered by simple mechanics, it generates all the prompts you need. If you want a simple but fun game, this is worth a look.

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Thanks @Deckard for the kind words :sun_with_face:

It reminds me to post this article by Brook at Pop Culture Uncovered about Paris Gondo.

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