Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying [Demo 2]

This event will open for general sign up on September 23rd at 7pm. Sign up here.

System: Homemade
Duration: This session is expected to be 2 hours long
Attendance: Single stand-alone session
Requirements: No reading, preparation or character creation is needed ahead of the session
Platform: Zoom for video conference + Miro Collaborative board for tabletop and gaming aids

The session will be recorded and posted for viewing per the consent of all involved.


PARIS GONDO is a spiritual custodian who left behind their physical form when they realised it did not “spark joy” in them.

This revered multidimensional organiser will help you DECLUTTER YOUR GEAR ONCE AND FOR ALL, through the 6 STEPS of their play-based GonParis Method.

It will not just free your equipment slots, IT WILL CHANGE YOU TOO. You will feel more blessed, roll more successes and get inspiration to complete the hero’s journey you want.“

This game is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to encumbrance rules and tropes commonly found in our beloved dungeon-crawling tabletop roleplaying games.

It is a GM-less storytelling game for 3 to 6 players, designed to be played in a few hours with polyhedral dice and no preparation.

I will be facilitating the sessions. Players do not need to read anything ahead of the session.

We will use Discord as a voice room and to roll dice with a Miro collaborative board for our tabletop and gaming aids.

I am Kalum, from The Rolistes Podcast, and "Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying" is my first ever attempt at developing and publishing a game.

Following a dozen encouraging sessions, I am know currently finalising a version short version of the rules which I hope to publish as Quickstart PDF before the end of 2020 ahead of Dragonmeet.

In parallel, I run online sessions to fine-tune scripted prompts to support the most invigorating and stimulating experience.

I also run those sessions also to raise awareness about this project.

You can follow its development via the Paris Gondo Twitter account and through subscribing to The Rolistes Newsletter (about everything I do) or the Paris Gondo Newsletter (strictly about this game).

More information can be also found on The Rolistes website.

Feel free also to ask questions about the above or comment on you game experience in this Gauntlet Forum post.

The Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct will be in play and safety tools (X-Card) will be in use.

Monday, October 5, 2020 7:30 PM Demo 2

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