Pasión de las Pasiones: Music From A Darkened Room (two sessions in May)

A seat in this game is reserved for Puckett.

There’s a long history of mysterious deaths associated with the creepy old house on Spooner Street, but the latest has caught your bosses’ attention and now you have to figure out what’s going on. Something terrible has taken hold of the house, and worse will come unless you can do something unthinkable…

But also: someone at the network has had what they are absolutely convinced is a million-dollar idea: the characters in a long-running telenovela will start working for a strange conspiracy and investigating the supernatural. How will they (and their audience) adjust to this bizarre and terrifying new setting?

This is my second series using the rules for Brandon Leon Gambetta’s Pasión de las Pasiones to run an adventure from the cosmic horror game Delta Green. It’s a deliberately clunky and absurd pairing, and players should expect some rough edges, but I do expect it to be a lot of weird fun.

Subject matter: This is a horror game, and a pretty heavy one. Beyond the usual violence and gore it includes references to suicide and human and animal sacrifice. Characters may have to do terrible things for a murkily defined ‘greater good’, etc. Because it’s Pasiones, there’s also likely to be romantic content and conflict. We’ll use lines and veils, the X card and the open door as safety tools, and the game will run under the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Sessions will be three hours on Streamyard with short breaks on the hour, and recorded only with consent from all players. Attendance at both sessions is strongly encouraged.

Open access time will be 7am 31/3/21 AEDT.

Session one:
Session two: