Pasión de las Pasiones - Oro y Ellos Que Matan Por Eso


NUMBER OF SESSIONS: 2 sessions total, being able to attend each session is strongly requested, you must RSVP to each session.
DURATION: 3 hours
NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4, a seat is being reserved for Will H.
CONTENT WARNING: This game will include violence, likely involving guns and death, perhaps even player character death. If players consent, there may be themes of romance/sexual tension between player-controlled characters, and/or player and GM-controlled characters, but anything more explicit than a passionate kiss or embrace will be veiled.


As long as you have money, life comes cheap on the frontier. Someone finds a vein and someone else with a couple of friends kills them for their trouble. A shootist gets a reputation for being fast on the draw and they’re the most feared person in town … until someone faster comes along and leaves them bleeding out in the dust. There’s always money to be made in places like this - slinging whiskey or dealing cards, entertaining people or taking the money from the entertained - and the world keeps going around … until word that Lucia Maria Elisa Zamorano, better known as La Rosa Negra, a woman of particularly vicious and intemperate disposition, has laid claim to this patch of dirt. It’s widely known that La Rose Negra runs a town quite efficiently once it’s hers … it’s the part where she takes control of every asset in the town that’s the problem. Ciudad Soñando has been around for quite a while now, almost 200 years as we head into winter, 1872, and it’s seen quite a few better people than La Rosa Negra. The only problem is that it hasn’t seen anyone worse.

Players will assume the role of residents in Ciudad Soñando who are affected or threatened by La Rosa Negra’s impending arrival. Will you defend the town, try to profit from this turn of events, try to negotiate or something else? Some residents will undoubtedly flee in the night, but you have a stake here - you have something to lose. Maybe it’s wealth. Maybe it’s property. Maybe it’s a reputation. Or maybe you see this as a chance to prove yourself. And if you do, good luck to you. Everybody gets one life. If this is how you want to spend yours, then go right on ahead and be a damn fool.


SAFETY TOOLS IN USE: This session will use a lengthy list of Lines and Veils to facilitate an initial baseline for player safety. Players are absolutely encouraged to add more topics to the list for their own safety. This session will also use the N-Card, X-Card, and Script Change as necessary to adjust the game while it’s in progress to maintain player safety. Finally, the Open Door Policy is always in effect and players may leave the game at any time for any length of time for any reason. This session will also adhere to The Gauntlet’s Community Code of Conduct:
RSVP OPEN ACCESS TIME: 10/19/2020 13:00 Central Time
SET UP INFO: We will use Streamyard for the event. Players should expect a reminder email approximately one week before the series starts.
BREAKS: 2 five minute breaks
RECORDED: If all participants consent, it will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.
PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: No experience required, rules will be taught.