Paws a game of touch, trust and feeling

Hello !
I have just finished the french translation of Paws, a game where you play real animals talking as in the Fables. Not only am I super proud of the great accessibility and elegant central mechanic (a simple prisoner dilemma, really). But with some help here and there I can even say it looks good as a product. If you have downloaded the game earlier this week, you will see it is transfigured.

I am really excited that the game has been read by around two dozens persons already. That’s not much but this is more than I hoped for, and an encouragement to work on the good looks of the other games that are coming out of my workshop. I am acquiring loads of resources (fonts, art) and making friends in the process.

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The shame I feel for double posting is overwhelmed by the pride I feel for what I have to announce. Not only is my goal for Paws / Patte douce ten times achieved with a hundred of viewers and counting at a steady pace. But a customer (some people buy the game ! :upside_down_face:) who is also an artist produced a beautifully crafted actual play podcast set in a precious casket of a blog post, an awesome and touching gift for me.


I am overwhelmed by emotions and also definitely using the podcast for the promotion of the game ! I must make a disclaimer in all honesty : the table you can hear on the podcast is clearly well versed in ambient role playing games. They took the game’s proposition and ran with it gracefully.

You can follow this and other actual plays in french by Aregallia on his blog Subjoncticiel here :

And if you’re an english reader curious about what’s going on in the ambient RPG french scene here’s a Gargle translation of the blog :