PbtA Dice Pool with Multiple Complications?

Continuing the discussion from PbtA with Dice Pool?:

So, I think you can make dicepools work in PbtA game. Now, I’m wondering if it’s feasible for a PbtA game to use dice pools that work like in Don’t Rest Your Head.

Basically: In DRYH you roll several types of d6s (discipline dice, exhaustion dice, etc), then you count successes (dice under 4) and which type of dice dominates (which type of die has the highest number).

In a hypothetical PbtA game, you could roll your dice pool and get a normal failure, mixed result, or full success, but you’d also get an additional effect/complication from what ever die has the lowest result.

So, clearly you could do this. I’m wondering if it would actually improve play or just slow things down.

I’d like to know people’s opinion, and please let me know if any game works like that.

Sounds like a hack of Blades in the Dark, and could be very cool if you don’t have too many types of dice.

Blades in the Dark has a dice pool mechanic, and produces PBTA style grades of outcome so that’s no problem. As to die type dictating type of complication, you’d need to provide an example of how that might work. Otherwise I’m afraid all I can say is, maybe.