PBTA game (or different) for playing Mutant: Elysium

Does anyone know good game to use as a engine / hack for Mutant Elysium? I don’t feel that Y0E suits the themes and focus of the setting very well (it has much more extensive social aspect then mutant is able to accommodate).

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I agree with you-- the mechanics (which I dig in MYZ) don’t seem particular great for handling this weird, semi-PvP, fascist/not fascist game. Because it’s so mission based, I wonder if Blades in the Dark wouldn’t be a good choice in genreal. But I think you’d have to add some more to cover the social stuff. Yeah, not sure.


For me this PvP (houses) + social aspect is more interesting then the missions themselves. I really like this combination of detached elites + aesthethics + brewing revolution + houses dragging the Elysium to the bottom in the fight for power. So many paralells to things like climate crisis, and real world inequalities.

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Sounds like Legacy, then, to me *~

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Isn’t that more about rebuild? If not then it may be perfect.