PbtA moves as mosaic strict

You can turn PbtA moves into Mosaic strict modules, like this:

Mosaic strict Read a Person

Use these rules when you want your player characters to be insightful and pick up on things like when a person is secretly scared or lying to them. This can be fun because it gives some of powers we feel like we have in person, and is great for detectives from Scully to Sherlock.

When you start the game, give a gold Read a person card to the person with the most emotionally insightful character.

Give bronze to every other player. A player can trade in a bronze for an iron card, and name 1 other player’s character to upgrade (bronze for silver, silver for gold, or gold for platinum), so long as there is at least 1 player with a bronze Read a Person at the start of play.

(There’s nothing above platinum, here’s the card)

Read a Person - ( platinum, gold , silver, bronze, iron versions)
Roll 2d6
Table is Read a Person’s 2d6 results (calibrated to “medal” color on the card (+3, +2, +1, +0, -1)

Do the same for Read a situation but make the criteria “situationally aware”

I could add a little burning wheel experience system table to it without invoking any other rules.


So the “bronze” Read a Person reads:

When you read someone in a charged interaction, roll 2d6.
• On a 10+, ask 3 of the following during your interaction against them.
Their player (maybe the GM) answer frankly and simply.
• On a 7–9, 2 questions.
• on a 6 or less, the GM will pick a question for you to ask. When this happens the GM can take this card away temporarily and only give the card back onve you’ve acted on the information.

Advancement: every time you roll, fill in the appropriate bubble:
6- :white_circle::white_circle::white_circle:
7-9 :white_circle::white_circle:

Once all are filled, and after a time of rest and reflection, trade for 1 card up. This card trades up to Read a person Silver.

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Another way to do this is to build in some criteria for the modifier.

For instance:

Roll 2d6.

  • If you know this person intimately, add 1.
  • If you have time to observe them and to speak with them, add 1.
  • If your character has the ability to read and understand others, due to instincts, experience, or special abilities, add 1.

Or whatever you want your game to highlight.

Maybe in your game it would be:

  • If your subject is open and isn’t trying to hide anything, add 1.

That would be quite different.