PbtA recommendations for Hellboy/BPRD + Cthulhu

Played City of Mist again yesterday, and Roll20 definitely helps. Check box the relevant power tags, weakness tags, and an easy way to add plusses and minuses then click the appropriate move and it rolls for you and lists your options (like questions you can ask, etc.). I don’t think it would be much more work doing this by hand, but I can see how that could feel fiddlier.

It also, reinforced that I do think CoM could be used to run a CoC type game, especially Pulp CoC. All three times I’ve played CoM there were horror elements. Not CoC levels, but e.g. last night we ended up dealing with the results of a mad scientist and one of the mafia agents has removed important memories twice now.

@JonSolo, hope you know what you landed on and how it goes!!

Thank you!! I really appreciate the thought and discussion on this. At the moment, I’m focused on adapting the scenario for having BPRD characters-- I also like to have a rough outline that I can quickly refer to during play rather than paging through a PDF or physical book.

I’ll keep you posted as to what I end up doing system-wise. Luckily this group is pretty forgiving, so it probably won’t matter too much.


For those that might be curious we’re a couple of episodes in and it seems to be working fine, but I think Monster of the Week would have been a good alternative.