Pelgrane Press Needs GenCon & Origins GMs

If you’re planning on being at Origins or GenCon or both, think about running games for Pelgrane Press!

Pelgrane publishes “Gumshoe” investigation games like Trail of Cthulhu (Depression-era Lovecraft), Night’s Black Agents (superspies fight vampires), Ashen Stars (gritty interstellar dystopia; it out-Picards Picard), TimeWatch (time travel cops patrol the time stream), and others as well as games like 13th Age (epic dungeon crawling inspired by 4E) and Hillfolk (Iron Age drama with portable story-focused rules).

If you’re interested but haven’t run Pelgrane games before, or haven’t GM’d before, that’s okay: my brother and I have volunteered to help out by doing “GM practice sessions”–meeting with GMs via Skype and running through scenarios with them at whatever level they’re interested in. We can review rules, strategize about scenario contingencies, or whatever else would make a GM feel ready to run a game.

The best way to attend GenCon is to sort of have a “home” there so that it’s not so overwhelming, and Pelgrane Press is awesome.

Send me e-mail at gamemasters at pelgranepress dot com if you have questions!