Playbooks for Planescape

This quarentine made me go back and revise some old projects. One of which is a Planescape powered by the apocalypse. So, here is a playbook. The idea is playbooks = factions. Thoughts are welcome.




good stuff

got the look, style and tone down solid

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It’s weird how life works
I’ve started reading planescape books again
Thinking about playing it using Maze Rats
But those playbooks look cool!

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I’m mixing Diterlizzi and Amano for the art. I think they go together well for PS.

I’m stuck on the stats and basic moves now. I was basically copy-pasting Apocalypse/Dungeon World for those but I want it to be more it’s own thing.

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Be sure to take a look at the Planar Codex for Dungeon World if you haven’t yet. Luckily it’s now FREE on DTRPG:


oh my god, love this!

I am currently running a DW open table in Planescape, and have been raking my brain how to handle factions. I’ve only switched to DW some weeks ago. Used to run it in Old School Essentials (B/X & 1E retroclone).

For now, I’m using them as alignment replacements, instead of full grown playbooks. But was considering making them compendium classes, with moves that can be chosen instead of the normal advanced moves (if I got compendium classes right).

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