Playing online in SEA

Do you know a place someone could play weird games online in english in the neighbourhood of the Sidney, Australia, timezone?

A friend of mine lives there. They have a hard time finding players who share their special tastes, that is a love for weird games like Itras By and Meanwhile in the subway. Of course I told them to get onboard the Gauntlet calendar. Any suggestions?

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I’m in that timezone, but don’t really have any suggestions. I mostly run more normie storygame stuff, I guess, but would be happy to save your friend a spot if they’re interested in something I’m running.


Thank you! Im encouraging my friend to RSVP. Ihope he will find a game with you. Once he does, I’m sure he’ll enjoy a prospere gaming life!


I also live in that time zone.

Hey there, a buddy of mine who lives in Sydney recommended this Discord server :


Hey, thanks! That’s just perfect!
Of course @Hopeless_Wanderer, I thought of you straightaway. Does it mean I can give your contact to my friend?
You can tell me here or by private mail. Btw, in most of July I’ll be available at antipodes times, being on holidays.

Sure, I don’t know if we have similar gaming tastes, but I can talk it out with your friend and see what happens.

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