Playtest: You Have Been Accepted

“You have been accepted to the Boarmole boarding school for young magicians. Please find included a list of necessary materials.”

You Have Been Accepted is a cozy storytelling game about children preparing for their first term at a magical boarding school. The focus is in the feelings of wonder at discovering the magical world, anxiety over going to a strange place far away from home, and finding new friends.

Play is divided into three main stages - receiving notice of your acceptance to the school, acquiring school supplies, and the journey to the school - but is otherwise very freeform with a few questions to answer as a guide.

Note that this is the first playtest of this game so there may be some rough patches. The rules can be found here and they will be explained at the start of the session.

The Gauntlet Code of Conduct and the Open Door policy will be in effect for this game. We will use Lines & Veils and the X-Card, which will be explained. The game will feature children leaving home for a boarding school and connected themes like separation anxiety are likely to come up in play.

The game will be played over Streamyard. The session will be recorded for playtest purposes but will only be published if all players consent.


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